Different types of blocked fallopian tubes

Female reproductive system has fallopian tubes with the lining of delicate hair-like structures Called the cilia, cilia working in both directions, they help an egg to gain motility and travel from the ovaries to the womb (uterus), as well as help sperm, come up from womb.

Fimbriae are the finger-like structures where each fallopian tube ends. The fimbriae’s role is to catch and guide an egg after the ovary releases it. The fallopian tube being located near most of the fertilized eggs plays an important role in conception. In case of damage of any part of the fallopian tube, let's say by an infection or surgery, the scar tissue blocks them and it may lead to infertility.

The type of fallopian tube blockage depends on the root cause of the blockage and location of occurrence. It can be found out with the help of certain medical screenings.

Its types are:-

1. Distal Tubal occlusion -This type of blockage occurs when the fallopian tube is obstructed at the end, which is closest to the ovary. Usually, it happens as an after effect of a sexually transmitted disease ‘Chlamydia Trachomatis.’ This medical condition is even termed as hydrosalpinx.

2. Mid-segment blockage - This type of blockage occurs in the midsection of the fallopian tube.It might happen due to any operation or infection, as this area is more susceptible to tubal ligation damage.

3. Proximal Tubal Occlusion - This blockage occurs due to an infection, inflammation or complexity from a past abortion, miscarriage or even a pelvic inflammatory disease(PID).In such blockages, the ending of the tube, which is close to the uterus is obstructed.

4. Chronic Salpingitis- It is a consequence of any inflammation or a microbial infection in the fallopian tube. If the infection isn’t treated properly, it develops acute salpingitis, in which the inner walls of the fallopian tube get stuck and turn red and inflated, ultimately causing irreversible damage to the tubes.

5. Hematosalpinx- It a medical condition in which the fallopian tube starts bleeding, causing the build-up of blood clots inside the tube eventually leading to blockage.

6. Pyosalpinx- In such type of blockage, the fallopian tube is entirely filled and usually swollen with pus.

7. Hydrosalpinx- It is a condition in which some serious or clear fluid is filled inside the fallopian tubes. The obstruction may become inflated, giving it a shape like that of a sausage. Such condition eventually leads to the blockage of the tubes at the ends.

Blocked fallopian tubes can possibly be opened with the help of surgery. Although, it totally depends on the position of blockage and the extent of scarring.

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